Mary Berry Is Herding Some Sheep Across London Bridge This Weekend, For Reasons

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London’s baa-miest tradition makes a return for 2017.

Way back in the 1100s, someone, who I suspect wasn’t listening properly, told the Worshipful Company of Woolmen that it was totally chill for them to take sheep across London Bridge, free of charge.

A big deal, as London Bridge was really the only bridge in the game at that point.

Map of London 1300
Map of London 1300, via Wikipedia.

In more recent times, the Company had moved on from their shepherding days, until 2013, when they thought they’d check if they were still allowed. It was, and since then they’ve been flocking up the City on an annual basis.

Sheep herding London

Each year a member of the great and the good leads the proceedings, which raise money for charity, and this year it’s none other than the nation’s nan, Mary Berry, CBE.

Mary Berry Winking
Photo: @seeleybooth


The assembled sheep will be ambling back and forth over London Bridge between 10am and 5pm, on Sunday Sep 24, although we expect HRH Mary will only be around at the start.

There’ll also be a wool market taking part by The Monument, featuring more woollen goods than you can shake a crook at. Get yourself a nice cardi for autumn, pet.

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