Market Madness: The Best Street Eats In London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

Market Madness: The Best Street Eats In London

Now updated: the best street food markets in London in 2018.

Street food saved my life. Well, more specifically, it saved my bank balance, which aside from a beating heart is pretty much the only lifeline that really matters when you’re living in this city. Served from stalls, vans, trucks and um, converted shipping containers, London street food is getting more and more adventurous. From portable eats to more permanent fixtures, we’ve lined up the best food markets in London for the ultimate street-side-snacking.


1) Ropewalk at Maltby Street Market, SE1 2HQ 

Bermondsey is the new place to be on the weekends. Hidden beneath the railway arches, this trendy spot is a great place to enjoy some gastronomic delights and sip on a Bloody Mary or three. Special shout out to the Avocado Cafe because everyone knows avocados are the best fruit (or is it a vegetable?) in the world and you’ve got to give it to Louise Maddy for finding so many ways to mush that baby into a different dip.

Saturdays 9am-4pm, Sundays 11am-4pm 


2) Global Kitchen at Camden Lock Market, NW1 8AB

[Camden Lock Market]
Offering an eclectic mishmash of street food, clothing, gifts and more, Camden Lock Market has always been the ultimate shopping experience. The Global Kitchen in the West Yard is a street foodie haven, serving up an assortment of international cuisine at affordable prices. Our favourite is the gourmet mac n cheese, brought to you by the Mac Factory, which we’ve written about before (because we love it that much) and if you’re really looking for a good deal, the Philly Boyz are offering one melted-cheese-steak-dream-in-a-sandwich for £6 to all users of the Fever app. If you’re still feeling peckish after that, Estelle’s cupcakes are the best sweet treats that the market has to offer and on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays she gives us 2 for £5. But now you’re just being greedy.

Monday-Sunday, 10am-6pm 


3) Berwick St Market, W1F 8TW

The original. Dating back to 1778, Berwick St Market is one of Britain’s oldest markets. But it ain’t all punnets of strawberries and 2 for a fiver: the market also offers a stunning selection of world cuisine, from Mexican to Moroccan, Indian to Arabic. It also plays host to the famous Piaggio van, as Pizza Pilgrims serve up Napoli-inspired hot street food for lunch every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm 


4) Spitalfields Market, E1 6AA

Lined with award-winning cafes and restaurants, Spitalfields Market is a food lover’s paradise. Pricing can sometimes be a little steep but look out for great deals online. A birayani meal and a drink for £7.50 at Indi.go? That’s lunch sorted. Every Wednesday from 12pm to 2.30pm KERB brings 6-7 traders to the market to get you over that midweek hump. And Kimchinary’s tacos are game changing.

Restaurants open Monday-Friday, 8am-11pm. Saturday-Sunday, 9am-11pm. 

Spitalfields Traders Market is closed on Saturdays. 



Branding itself as “The world’s first pop-up mall”, BOXPARK is a retail revolution. Based in Shoreditch and built from old shipping containers (how very East London), this two-storey pop-up mall offers cheap and short-term rents to young companies to help them get a foothold in the market. We love Falafelicious and Sushilicious and what we love even more is eating with shisha for a tenner every Tuesday and Sunday. Rumour has it there’s also a BOXPARK coming to Croydon next summer… Watch this space.

Monday-Saturday, 8am-11pm, Thursday 11am-8pm / Sunday 12pm-6pm 




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