Could This Map Prove That We All Need To Get Out Of London?

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

Could This Map Prove That We All Need To Get Out Of London?

We all know London is the greatest city in the world. So, why would anyone ever possibly suggest that we break free from the Tube barriers and hurl ourselves into life on the slow lane? Who could possibly prefer Swanley to Shoreditch? Or Bushey to Shepherd’s Bush? Well, take a look for yourselves…

top commuter towns
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This latest analysis examines and ranks 89 of London’s best commuter hotspots, taking into account house price, journey time, the cost of commuting and life satisfaction. But is there a ball pit bar, though? According to TotallyMoney.com Slough comes in best for travel time with just a 17 minute commute for £3344 per year average house price of £388522 and a life satisfaction of 7.42 (out of 10). If it’s a cheap house you’re keen on then head to Purfleet, 33 mins from London for £3444 per year, with house prices at £210321 and a life satisfaction of 7.55. Or, if you just want to be surrounded by happy, satisfied folk, head to Swanley where life satisfaction is 8.15, house prices £353854, commuting at 29 mins for £3428 per year. There is an Asda Supercentre to be fair.

Find your ideal commuter town by checking out this extra data, just in case. (Lol never leaving, London is bae).

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