The ‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyers Are Coming To London This Month!

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The ‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyers Are Coming To London This Month!

Remember when we all went a bit batshit crazy for the brilliant new Netflix series, Making a Murderer? And remember when we all went even more batshit crazy when it was announced that Dean Strang and Jerry Buting were coming to London? Well, it’s happening in two weeks time!

Following their successful North American “A Conversation of Justice” tour, they decided to head to London to discuss the US Criminal Justice System and answer our burning questions about Steven Avery’s case. Most of us have binge-watched the entire show, yet are still left with a huge list of unanswered questions: Is Steven actually guilty? Was he framed by the state? Why is Ken Kratz the way that he is? And what’s the deal with those bloody car keys?

Sadly, tickets for October’s date have all sold out — but don’t worry if you missed out, we’ll sort you out. The ultimate dream team—whom we love even more than they love justice and the truth—will be showing their faces again on January 29 next year. Hoorah!

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(Feature image: IGN.com)

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