This Mesmerisingly Magical Experience Is Now Open At Westfield London

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

This Mesmerisingly Magical Experience Is Now Open At Westfield London

We might have caught on quite a while ago that Santa doesn’t exist but that doesn’t mean we’re not searching for that elusive Christmas spirit any more.

And if there’s one immersive experience that’s guaranteed to get a smile on your face, it’s The Four Realms at Christmas by Bompas & Parr. Setting up camp at Westfield London from December 10 – 31, expect to find all of your senses bombarded with sensory treats. On arrival, wander towards a grand 10ft Christmas tree.

But unlike the rest of the beautifully decorated trees we’ve seen around the city this year, this one transforms into a portal that will transport you into The Four Realms. It’s at this point of the experience where you’ll be met by a Nutcracker who needs your help to restore peace inside the realms.


At the beginning of your journey, walk through The Magic Corridor: The threshold between our world and the magical Realms. From here, you’ll be able to wander through the other lands.


Visit The Land of Snowflakes to get lost in an icy mirror maze and see if you can hunt down the centre. Take a deep breath in the Land of Flowers, where you can taste, smell and bounce through this multi-sensory walk through experience.  


Then, enter the Land of Sweets, full of tricks and moving obstacles, you’ll be able to throw yourself into a hundreds and thousands ball pit and gaze at some rotating humbug platforms. Once you’ve had your fill of sweet treats, enter the Circus Realm, where you will meet the master of the four realms and discover the true magic of the season.


Keep an eye (and an ear) out for a variety of surprises before waving goodbye to The Four Realms and being escorted back into the real world. And before you leave, make the most of that festive spirit by checking out the rest of the Christmas activity that Westfield London has to offer

Westfield London’s The Four Realms at Christmas by Bompas & Parr runs from December 10 to December 31. The experience will last between 25-30 minutes in total. Tickets can be booked here. For more information, head to Westfield London’s website. Nearest stations: Shepherd’s Bush, White City, Wood Lane, Shepherd’s Bush Market.