These Mac And Cheese Toasties Are What Every Londoner Needs Right Now

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


Okay, National Grilled Cheese Day is such an Americanism but it’s one that we’re more than happy to celebrate.

Grilled cheese, cheese toastie, cheese on toast – whatever you choose to call it, melted cheese and bread works together. Wonderfully. 

London has been serving up some of the most comforting, utterly cheesilicious sandwiches and the wonders behind Grill My Cheese serve up some of the best grilled cheeses in this fine city.

1. The GMC (Grill My Cheese)

Good lord. Just look at those crispy edges.

2.The Mac Attack

Macaroni and Cheese in a toastie? We don’t know who thought of this but they deserve some kind of award.

3. Rainbow cheese?

Forget your rainbow bagels and rainbow lattes, it’s all about the rainbow cheese toastie.

4. Jay-Cheese & Bean-Oncé

That old faithful combination of cheese and beans in a toastie. Such a heavenly combo that it’s named after hip hop royalty.

5. The Patty Melt

A burger but sandwiched between sourdough and oodles of oozing cheese. Hell yeah.

6. Chillina Gomez

So punny. But this special consists of beef chilli, fresh green chillies, sour cream and their signature cheese blend. One for the chilli lovers out there.

7. Pesto is the best-o

Another special with a red pepper and cream cheese pesto blend, crispy bacon, spinach and their trusty cheeses.

8. The Slumdog Grillionaire

This one comes packed with Indian spiced potato, fresh coriander, apple and peanut chutney, laced with red onions and of course, their cheese blend.

9. PB&J

Pretend you’re Elvis and tuck into this peanut butter, bacon, American cheese, chilli jam concoction. Uh-huh uh-huh.

10. Another snap of their classic grilled cheese

Because why not when it looks this good, right?

Find Grill My Cheese at Leather Lane Market Tuesday-Friday from 12pm-2pm. Keep updated with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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