We’ve Found Britain’s Most Expensive Train Journey And It’s Just £44,995

Raise your 2018 railway game with an epic 14 day, 2,200 mile adventure across the whole of the UK.

If catching the Northern Line from Morden to High Barnet no longer gives you an illicit thrill, worry not. This phenomenally fancy train journey promises to transport you like royalty… if you’ve got a loose fifty grand.

At the front, a real proper steam engine.

Completed in 2008, it was the first new steam engine built in over 50 years, and this epic journey will celebrate its tenth birthday.

Behind, carriages with wildly fancy bedrooms.

Fancy dining rooms.

And lounges.

The whole thing only carries 38 people. Exclusive!

It takes you on a massive round-trip around England, Wales and Scotland.

From the Scottish Highlands…

To Devon and Cornwall in the south-west.

Along the way, passengers visit pretty cities like Edinburgh, Bath, Oxford and York, and naturally stop off for private dinners in castles, with the odd five-star hotel stay chucked in, lest you start coming down with cabin fever. Although with thirty whiskies behind the bar and an on-board chef from some of London’s best restaurants, you’ll probably be quite comfortable on-board too.

Tickets for ‘The Tornado’s 10th Anniversary Tour Of Great Britain’ start from £29,995 (sharing a twin room) up to £49,995 for a twin room to yourself. The train sets off on October 14, 2018.

Find out more (and lose an afternoon browsing more unattainably luxurious train journeys) at the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains website.