‘Love Island’ Fans, There’s A Finale Party Just For You

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Love Island Finale

Love Island, am I right, people? Admittedly, I haven’t watched it, but I can tell you there’s gonna be a big finale party for it!

The show with love, on an island, seems to have several men and women in it, aged between 20 and 30 years old.

On the show they have to fall in love, I think, or else they don’t get to live on the island any more?

Love Island X

Many Londoners have been enjoying watching these Love Pals do their loving on the Isle of Romance. But soon, the island will slip beneath the waves forever, or at least the show is ending for some reason.

To mark the occasion, two people known only as ‘Tom and Meg’ are getting Fans of the Island together at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, to enjoy the last episode on July 24.

Update: this event is sold out, but there’s an alternative finale party (by different organisers) in Leyton, if you fancy.

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As well as watching the final episode live and seeing who will be elected The Lover-in-Chief and who will be forever-sshunned as The Abominable Love Weasel Most Duplicitous, there’ll also be games and stuff!

Bring a team of friends, prepare for Love Island Bingo, pub quiz rounds, games … Twerkin’, balloon poppin’, couplin’ and a 9pm screening of Love Island.

Group prizes to be won. Quiz teams of 6 players. Should you not have enough people for a team you can always couple up with other islanders on the night.

(BUT there is no pressure on entering a team, if you just want to join the party for the #bants feel free to come along and join in for a sangria and a dance.)

Love Island Finale Party London

The first wave of tickets all sold out – but the final few will be going on sale here. You can follow the event on Facebook for updates on when the last tickets are released!

Love Island

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