Looking For The Perfect Gift? This Unbelievable Diamond Bar Is Made For You


The future of diamond shopping has just been unveiled at Vashi’s bold new concept store in Mayfair.

They’re giving the traditional diamond buying experience a much-needed makeover in their open plan, on-trend space. Say goodbye to the stuffy glass counters and velvet-clad display cases of yore. If you know your price range and have an idea of what you’re after – or even if you don’t – Vashi can help you find it with their entirely customer-focused retail experience.


Everyone understands the benefits of buying bespoke gifts. Your partner is without a doubt the most unique and special individual you’ve ever met, so of course the gifts you buy for them should be too. But, until now, it’s been easy to cast off the idea of gifting them a personalised piece of jewellery. There’s just no way you could afford that kind of service… Right? Well, put away your tiny violin, because thanks to Vashi’s new retail concept, you too can experience a bespoke jewellery design service with a price tag to suit all budgets.


You’ll start your journey by creating a digital mood-board, before exploring the Vashi diamond lab and getting down to business with your personal Alchemist (the skilled craftsman behind your ring’s creation). After picking the perfect three billion year-old diamond – yeah, we had no idea they were that old either – you’ll have the honour of polishing and setting the stone yourself. This will all be captured as a personalised film and coffee table book to share the story of your special purchase.


And don’t worry if you maybe don’t have the best eye for detail. Thanks to the team of resident Guardian Angels – there to offer a guiding light to befuddled buyers – you’ll definitely be walking away with a truly incredible piece of jewellery, regardless of your artistic prowess.


Diamond expert (and founder/CEO of VASHI) Vashi Dominguez reckons ‘I love you, I made this for you’ beats ‘I love you, I bought this for you’ hands down. And we absolutely agree. Can somebody get us this guy’s number?!

You’ll find the new store at 46 Piccadilly, Mayfair, W1J 0DS and it’s open – very conveniently – seven days a week.


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