5 Superb Things You Can Do When Flying Solo In London

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In a city where you’re never further than 6ft away from a rat – not to mention another human being – a bit of alone time is sometimes very much needed. And if you’re not a sit-in-a-coffee-shop-alone sort of person (that is, unless you have at least 3 magazines and 70% battery on your phone…) here are some fun things to do solo in London that will not make you feel like the no-friend-Freda that public ‘me time’ usually does. In fact, we fancy it will make you feel quite the opposite…


1. Leaf through one of London’s many Secret Spots For Books Lovers

Be it a library, cafe or a bookshop, there are places all over London where book lovers can escape to for some quiet reading time. Alone. Far Rockaway has a massive comic book selection, which you can explore while enjoying a signature cocktail from the bar (drinking alone is totally acceptable, by the way). Alternatively, Libreria is a new concept bookstore that has PLENTY of private reading and writing nooks to curl up in…and with a no-phones policy, you will well and truly be reading solo!


2. Take a walking tour


There’s nothing quite like a solitary stroll around the city! Trainers on, earphones in, and eyes open, you’ll be surprised as to what you might stumble upon. But if a ramble for one seems a bit reclusive, why not join one of Fever’s many walking tours! We’d recommend the Camden Walking Tour because not only will you discover a treasure trove of tales and trivia, but you’ll also venture through the markets, Regent’s Canal and the beautiful Primrose Hill! Although, be careful….you may just make some mates along the way.


3. Go to a gig

Just because none of your mates like the same stuff as you do doesn’t mean that you can’t go to gigs!  Want to watch some comedy but don’t want to have to endure your bestie’s cackle-snort laugh? Head over to Barking (NOT as a far you think, lazy) for a night with the brilliant Duncan Norvelle this Friday! Not only will you be undoubtedly be splitting your sides (he will also be joined by an old Northern showbiz pal Tony  Barton, and the up and coming London comic Charlie Bailey), but you will be helping raise money for The Stroke Association – a charity close to Norvelle’s heart. Get your tickets here, and get yourself down!

Broadway Barking Theatre, IG11 7LS


4. Have a stroll around an art exhibition in London.

If there’s one way to feel independent and very, very independent, it’s having a peruse around a gallery on your own. Not only can you soak in the art without a constant commentary on what someone else ‘feels’ the installation represents, but you can skip the Renaissance paintings and head straight to the impressionist section with NO qualms from anyone.


5. Take a cookery class

When it comes to food, sharing is most certainly NOT caring. Particularly if you’ve cooked it from scratch in one of London’s finest cookery schools! Check out this Gluten Free Cookery: Gnocci & Gnudi (a type of naked ravioli) at The Avenue Cookery School on Fever. Italian recipes that celiacs can eat too?! Yiipppeeee and yummmyyy! You will most certainly NOT be wanting to share this!


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