10 Times That Tourists Hated London More Than You Do Today

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

Westminster Abbey

10 times visitors to the capital were oh-so-disappointed by the attractions it had to offer. All of these reviews are real, all are sourced from 1-star reviews on Tripadvisor. We’ve stuck in a little bonus review at the end that is definitely worth reading, so stick with it.


1) The National Gallery


National Gallery

“Just a collection of pictures!”

“This was really boring, why can’t they get some new stuff in?”

“Full of pictures of dead people… barely an equine portrait in sight.”

“A poorly lit hell-hole.”


2) V&A

“Boring tat”


“Boring tat”

“The museum’s collection seems to have little to do with Victoria and Albert”


3) Primrose Hill

“The view is nothing special”

Primrose Hill

“The view is nothing special. The hill is not that high.”

“It’s not a place to visit if you are afraid of dogs.”


4) The Globe Theatre

“Just a replica”

The Globe

“Yawn! – Sorry, I’m really not in to Shakespeare.”

“The tour guide was over enthusiastic.”

“Even with a cushion, the seat I had was uncomfortable. I left at intermission.”


5) Westminster Abbey

“Just Google some pictures”

Westminster Abbey 2

“What a massive let down. Not much more than a (large) collection of tombs, mainly to people I’d never heard of.”

“Don’t bother visiting. Just Google some pictures.”


6) View from The Shard

“There’s glass in the way”

View from the Shard

“Did not enjoy the view – there’s glass in the way.”

“You’re so high up that the view is pretty flat. London looks better from lower down. I would recommend just standing at the bottom and looking up at the Shard.”


7) Natural History Museum

“Awful and boring”

Natural History Museum

Millions of visitors, lines everywhere, models of animals you could do better yourself. Bored staff, barking and shouting at wild kids. AVOID!”

“Most of the good things you had to wait hours for. The rest of the museum was awful and boring.”

“The museum is part of the new Night at the Museum film – would have been nice to have an exhibition about that.”


8) Churchill War Rooms

“And I like history”

Churchill War Rooms

“Leaves a lot to be desired, unless you rate looking at waxwork dummies behind plexiglass. The only authentic feeling was claustrophobia from being in a confined space.”

“One of the most boring, least engaging museums I’ve ever visited. And I like history.”

“I stopped listening to the audio-guide, because it almost made me vomit.”


9) Tower of London

“So boring”

Tower of London

“So boring. Badly signposted, no map handed to us on entrance. And when you actually get inside, there’s not actually a lot to see or do. Give it a miss.”

“The 1960’s called, they want their attraction back!”


And… 10) M&M World

“WOWSER!” (5 Stars)

M&M World
“I say Wowser with a big fat W! What a clever place this is, the biggest marketing con I have ever seen”

“…(cont.) the whole place really is an exciting experience, from walking in and smelling the chocolate through the air vents to watching the people queuing up with M&M stuff they didn’t really like or want or need…Wow!!!!!”


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