London’s Most Instagrammable Cocktail Bar Has Just Opened In Waterloo

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Ladies, assemble!

Introducing Tonight Josephine, Waterloo’s hottest new basement cocktail bar and latest offering from the geniuses behind Adventure Bar. Inspired by Josephine de Beauharnais, 19th century party girl and wife of Napoleon, the bar is a celebration of hedonism and femininity.

“Why the f*ck can’t I have fun all the time” are the words that greet you at the entrance, setting the scene for Kate Moss-style debauchery. Downstairs you’re met with the neon proclamation “Well behaved women never make history” and it’s clear that Tonight Josephine encourages, nay, demands that everyone leaves behind any remaining f*cks they might have to give, lets down their hair and has a jolly good-knees up.

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The décor doesn’t disappoint – shimmery pink walls set the backdrop for thousands of future #cocktail #galsnight #friyay posts, alongside the glittering bar stools, mirrored ceiling and neon-backlit bar. Even the bathrooms have attitude – the mugshots of famed party animals Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Justin Bieber smirking from the doors.

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Adventure Bar are known for their daring and inventive cocktail menus and Josephine’s is no exception – like Justin Bieber’s infamous run-in with the paps, this menu packs a PUNCH. We recommend the Lemongrass Collins (WITH chilli of course, this is not the venue for the faint of heart or mouth), the sugar-dusted Love Potion No 10, and Josephine’s twist on the classic espresso martini, the XOXO. Though we didn’t try it, the Toasted Popcorn Sour looked (and smelled!) impressive and required the careful use of a blowtorch on assembly (best be sparing with the Elnett, ladies).

So if your bande de filles on the hunt for a new girlie haunt, safe to say you’ll find it in Waterloo. We give it our big pink lipstick kiss of approval. Reserve a space here!

You’ll find Tonight Josephine at 111 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, near Waterloo Station, SE1 8UL. 

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