London’s First Zero Waste Supermarket Has Opened In Dalston

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Bulk Market has opened up in Dalston and just so happens to be the capital’s first supermarket with absolutely no waste.

As the world gets a whole lot more conscious of its imprint on our environment, the capital is seeing a rise in more eco-friendly initiatives and we’re all for it.

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We’ve all been on the embarrassing receiving end when we forget our re-usable bags at home and have to fork out that dreaded 5p (we know it’s a small amount but when you have a cupboard full of them at home, it really hurts).

The whole 5p plastic bag initiative was created as a way for us all to calm down on the plastic front, as it was affecting our waterways and the wildlife within them. Well, why not take your environmentally conscious plans one step further?

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At Bulk Market, the premise is rather simple. Bring your own containers and bags to fill your pantry with just the right amount of food you need – no more, no less.

Bulk Market has everything you’d want from your supermarket, from oils to vinegars and things to jazz up your spice cupboard or wine cellar. You can even get your last minute essentials as the store boasts paper-wrapped toilet roll, bamboo toothbrushes and what’s better? Everything has been sourced within a 50-mile radius of the store.

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With no big name brands and a crowdfunding campaign to keep Bulk Market going, you can support the cause here. You can find them at 494 Kingsland Road, near Dalston Junction station, E8 4AE and it’s open Monday-Friday from 10am-7pm.

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