London’s First Fully Sustainable Pub Is Opening In Shoreditch This Month

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There’s a new pub coming to Shoreditch that’s powered by fish and fully sustainable, so you’d better drink up.

Ultimate bro team Ed and Tom Martin are taking their Long Arm Brewing Co. to the next level. They’re opening a pub with a micro-brewery, and on-site urban farm that provides a nifty way to cut waste. The Long Arm pub will be opening on East London’s Worship Street later this month.

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So, let’s talk you through their master plan:

  1. They beer they make in their brewery is made from grains. Duh. Instead of chucking those grains away after they’ve been used, they’ve bought themselves a fish farm, and they’ll be feeding the grains to their fish to make them big and strong.
  2. The waste the fish produce will be used to fertilise their lovely garden – which will grow herbs, fruit and veggies, all used in the pub’s food and drink offerings.
  3. Eventually the fish will meet their inevitable end (R.I.P. little tilapia) and they’ll be used to make delicious fish tacos and burgers for pub punters.

And repeat! It’s kind of brilliant, right?

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They’re offering a rotating selection of the same beers they already professionally make at their Ealing brewery. The beers go straight from brewing tank to pint glass, so there isn’t even any wasteful packaging or transport to worry about. And they’re even serving takeaway orders in reusable flip-top bottles. All in all, a seriously impressive dedication to saving our planet. We salute you, eco warriors!

Feature Image: Pawel Kadysz

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