London’s Famous Cereal Café Has Launched A Cereal-Inspired All-Day Menu

Cereal Killer Café is saying cheerio to its cereal-only menu and bringing savoury, post-breakfast items to Brick Lane.

Cereal will remain the star of the show, but the new menu is quite literally thinking outside of the cereal box, and will now feature some cereal-inspired main dishes, including Cornflake Chicken, AranCheerio Balls and Bran Fries.


The team are also adding a bunch of cocktails to their menu, which are, of course, the real breakfast of champions. Try the Applejack with Jack Daniels, Apple Fanta and ground cinnamon, or the Drunk Leprechaun made from marshmallow flavoured vodka and topped with Lucky Charms.


Just to sweeten the deal, there’s also a new vegan menu, featuring their famous Cereal Chiller “milk”shakes, hot chocolates and their Super Bowls served with ice “cream”. Of course, their original breakfast selection continues to be cerealsly good, with 40 of the world’s best cereal brands represented on the shelves. They’re also serving up their very own line of cereal, including Unicorn Poop, Spaceman and Salty Balls, which are now available by bowl or by box.


Location: Cereal Killer Café, 192a Brick Lane, E1 6SA (or Camden Stable Market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH – but please note, the savoury items and the booze are only available at the Brick Lane branch)  Opening hours: Brick Lane, 8am-10pm. (or Camden Market, 9:30am-7pm)
More information: on their website.

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