This Is What London’s Bridges Could Look Like Soon!

Earlier this year, the Illuminated River Foundation launched an international design competition with the help and encouragement from our favourite man, Sadiq Khan. Yesterday, six designs were unveiled as potential installations for 17 of London’s bridges, spanning 6 nautical miles from east to west.

The designs were submitted by teams of international artists, architects and engineers, each with a different vision of how the Thames could look after dark. Using the bridges as their canvases, the ideas range from beams shining into the sky, to ribbons of light following the flow of the river.

The shortlisted proposals will be presented in an exhibition throughout November, before a winner is chosen on December 8. The winning design will hopefully grace our beloved Thames in 2018. Here’s a sneak preview of the designs:


1. Current — a transformational artwork, integrating light and colour.



2. Blurring Boundaries — installations that represent the unique history of each bridge.



3. Thames Nocturne — a ribbon of light from Chelsea to Wapping.



4. A River Ain’t Too Much To Light — lampposts will be planted in the Thames, and the light will be affected by the tides.



5. Synchronizing the City — a daily lighting ceremony that will represent the Magic Hour, when daylight changes to electric light.



6. The Eternal Story — illuminations that change with the tides.



The full concepts and designs will be available to view in a free exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall from November 9-29 (10am-10pm). 


Image credit: The Illuminated River Exhibition 

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