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Londoners! Put Your Arm In This Hole And Get A Surprise Tattoo…?

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones



“Oh a strange hole in a wall – let’s see what happens when I stick my arm in it”… said no one, ever. But if you’re a Londoner who’s into your ink then you may well be queuing to stick you arm in a hole this October. Scott Campbell, one of the world’s best tattoo artists who’s put his needle on the likes of Orlando Bloom and Robert Downey Jr. is coming to London. Usually, time on his chair will cost you anything from £1000, but he’s giving Londoners the chance to get his work for absolutely nothing. But it requires trust and a lottta balls, as you’ll be putting your arm (and your faith) through a hole in the wall to leave Scott do his thing.

The Whole Glory project, which Scott took to NYC last year, will be presented in London by Lazarides Gallery in Covent Garden on the 7th – 9th October. The recipient of the tattoo has absolutely no say in the design and has no way of communicating with Scott, who has full privilege to do whatever he feels like. They’ll only see the ‘whole’ product once the arm is pulled out of the hole. So, Scott’s whimsical doodle becomes a major, inseparable part of the volunteer’s life. Sounds pretty cool, if you’re one of the *spontaneous* types. There will only be 6 tattoos done per day, so if you want a surprise inking, you should expect to queue!

Friday 7th October – Sunday 9th October
26 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8NA

Entries for the lotteries will start at 10am and the first lottery drawing at 11am. For more information, head to Lazarides website. 

Feature image: Jamie Oshea