Londoners Are Hating On Trafalgar Square’s Christmas Tree!

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

Londoners Are Hating On Trafalgar Square’s Christmas Tree!

On the 1st December Trafalgar Square erected its iconic Christmas Tree. (Stop giggling at the word erected). When the lights were turned on and Trafalgar Square was penetrated by the illuminating, twinkly glow of the tree’s splendor, not everyone was warmed by the Christmas spirit. (Now stop laughing at the word penetrated). Although some Londoners fell in love with the sparkly tree, others seemed somewhat less impressed…


Some noticed the tree’s unfortunate likeness to a cucumber…


Christmas Cucumber ?? (there is no cucumber emoji) #christmastree #christmas #LDN #London #Cucumber #festive

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…and the fantastically ridiculous #lookslikeacucumber even became a thing:


Others didn’t bother beating around the bush… (or beating around the tree?)


And some were worryingly impassioned by their disgust!



Well, that all got a bit heated didn’t it?! Whether you like it or not it looks like the skinny, cucumber-esque (yet still rather lovely) tree is here to stay… Until the 8th of January anyway!



Feature Image: [flickr: Peter Trimming]

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