12 Reasons Why Londoners Can Completely Relate To The Grinch At Christmas

We make enough jokes about grumpy Londoners at any old time of the year, so you should realise by now that grumpy Londoners only get grumpier at Christmas time. Yes, we love the twinkly lights and the warming mulled wine and OKAY the corals aren’t that bad. But there are still a fair few times that Londoners find themselves turning a little green during the festive season…


1. When you start cursing TFL after forgetting that the night tube service only runs at weekends and you’re left stranded after your Christmas party.
2. The struggles of Uber’s surge price being at least 2.0x for the entire holiday season.
3. Eating absolutely everything in sight and telling yourself that the health kick will start in the New Year.
4. Until you remember that ‘summer bodies are made in winter.’
giphy (4)
5. When your friend asks if you want to go shopping on Oxford Street.
6. The pain of running into a random office Christmas party on a tube platform.
giphy (5)
7. How it feels when you’ve done all your Christmas shopping with a good week to spare.
8. Our reaction anytime anyone mentions ‘after work drinks?’
source (2)
9. How it feels to have your Christmas outfits all sorted.
giphy (7)
10. When you keep going back to that box of celebrations in your office kitchen.
giphy (8)
11. Getting a little too merry on sherry.
12. When you’re pissed off at a 7 minute delay but then step onto the carriage and see an adorable dog on the tube.
giphy (11)

Feature Image: Flickr – Peter Trimming

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