Londoners Are Arrogant And Insular, According To Non-Londoners

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Londoners Are Arrogant And Insular, According To Non-Londoners

Breaking news: we’re all a bunch of w*nkers and London is rubbish ?

According to a recent YouGov survey, Brits who live outside of London believe that Londoners are arrogant and insular, and that the city itself is expensive and chaotic. ?

The most popular word chosen by people in the north of England to describe Londoners was “arrogant”, used by 38% of respondents. Other popular words were “insular” (22%) and “rich” (15%). Apart from calling it “diverse” (20%) and, less commonly, “dynamic” (7%) and “innovative” (1%), it seems that non-Londoners didn’t have many positive things to say about the city itself, either. Respondents from all across the country mostly chose words like “expensive” (47%), “crowded” (43%), “chaotic” (20%) and “dirty” (15%) when asked to describe it. ?

Don't worry, London. We love you ❤️
Don’t worry, London. We love you ❤️

In spite of this, over half (56%) of people living outside of London said they had pride in London as a capital city. However, 28% are not proud at all. YouGov found that this is particularly true of Wales (44%) and Scotland (39%).

While 77% of people polled by YouGov believe that London has contributed a lot, or at least a fair amount, to the UK as a whole, 68% felt that their local area hasn’t benefited at all from the capital’s successes.

Solid work, London. Way to go!

This YouGov poll was commissioned by the capital’s dedicated thinktank, Centre for London. You can view the results here.

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