London Zoo Has Opened Up A New Wildlife Garden

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A brand new wildlife garden has opened up in ZSL London Zoo and it’s set to educate you on all the wondrous ways you can do your bit for native wildlife.

ZSL London Zoo has long been a great weekend destination, summer date trip and just an all-round great place to go. It’s set to get even better with a newly opened wildlife garden.

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The brand new exhibit will highlight the work of ZSL’s Garden Wildlife Health Project and will educate all of us on what we can do to make our gardens more habitable for wildlife. Those of us who can afford a garden anyway …

So don your green fingers for the afternoon and be prepared to see how hedgehog highways and mini-beast hotels are the future of helping endangered species.

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ZSL’s Zoological Director (what an amazing job title, if we do say so ourselves), David Field describes that:

“From amazing insects such as stag beetles and peacock butterflies to hedgehogs and blue tits, no matter how large or small your own outdoor patch, the Garden has plenty of ideas to help make it a welcoming home for wildlife.”

And if the other marvellous exhibits like Butterfly Paradise or Meet The Monkeys are anything to go by, this new wildlife garden will be something special.

The new Wildlife Garden is open now and can be found at  ZSL London Zoo, near Mornington Crescent station, NW1 4RY.

Feature Image: ZSL London Zoo.

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