It’s Going To Be Stupidly Windy Tomorrow, So We Advise You To Stay Inside

London windy wind rain weather

Friday afternoon is set to be disgustingly wet and windy – so stay inside, folks.

Okay, let’s give this a bit of context, shall we? (Header image: Nigel Goodman

It’s pretty windy today, isn’t it? Windy to the point of annoyance for pedestrians, and to the point of mild fear for cyclists. Right now, wind speeds are at a pretty quick 20mph. This means we’re chilly, it whistles in the windows, and we consciously avoided floaty skirts and loose fitting hats when getting dressed this morning.

But tomorrow, between midday and about 3pm, wind speeds are set to reach a whooshing great 42mph. FOURTY TWO MILES PER HOUR. That’s double the chilliness, double the loud whistling, and double the need for tight fitting clothing. Basically, shit is about to hit the fan – and we mean that quite literally (except the fan is just the whole of the bloody outdoors). You want our advice? STAY INSIDE, DAMMIT.

London wind weather forecast

Oh and, yes, to add insult to injury, it’s going to be effing raining too – and not just a little bit. Doesn’t the audacity of English weather just… blow you away?

We suggest preparing for your lunch break in advance. Pop to Pret at 11am when the wind speeds are a comparatively modest 21mph. Wear jeans or leggings and avoid floaty trousers/skirts/dresses. And, whatever you do… please whinge about it on social media, it keeps us entertained ?

(Please note: the forecasts were correct at the time of writing. Check Met Office or BBC Weather for up to date predictions.)

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