A London Tube Has Been Transformed Into A Leafy Paradise

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


It’s #OrganicSeptember and to celebrate in great dramatic fashion, London’s Metropolitan Line is being transformed into a lush forest for the day.

Let’s be that person to remind you of the crazy fact it’s already September. September, people.

Well today marks the start of Organic September, which tries to encourage everyone to make changes to their shopping habits in order to benefit our wonderful planet.

The drinks brand, Little Miracles, has gone all out for the occasion and gotten more than a little green with the transformation of a Metropolitan Line train.

For today only, the Met line will reveal all the wondrous green of a luscious #trainforest and will be sure to give commuters a little surprise on their journeys today. The walls and floor have all been adorned with foliage so, if you’re looking to be at one with nature today, jump on the Met line. Gosh, that sounds weird, right?

Feature Image: Little Miracles.

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