Is This The Most Depressing London Tube Map You Have Ever Seen?

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


The guys down at Thrillist were clearly feeling in a sadistic mood when they decided to make this London tube map, showing the average monthly rent price for a one-bedroom flat at each underground station. If you’re feeling a bit down on your luck or you’re prone to the occasional existential crisis then we’d recommend you look away now. This might just tip you over the edge.




Before you go into total meltdown mode, let’s clear up a few of the nitty gritty details. The information was gathered together by the nice guys down as Find Properly (don’t hate the players, hate the game) and the average rent prices shown are within 1km of each station. “Monthly” means every four weeks, as most of the prices are advertised are CPW, and by average, they mean “median” (bet that word takes you back to your GCSEs doesn’t it?) Okay, now it’s time to melt down.


hatton cross


If you’ve got a spare £2260 knocking around every month, then why not try a one bedroom flat in Oxford Circus? A good investment, since you probably won’t be leaving it most weekends for fear of being trampled by the Primark brigade… Unfortunately things don’t get much better the further out of town you get. A pad at the end of Jubilee line will still cost you £1220 and you know that place Morden, the butt of all jokes at the bottom of the Northern Line? That will be £1024 please. Now who’s laughing?

We told you it was depressing. Want some more salt for the wounds? Here’s 6 Times The Housing Game In London Seriously Sucked.

Image Credit: Thrillist


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