London Has Spoken And These Are The Things We Hate The Most On The Tube

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A YouGov report has revealed the thing that Londoners hate the most on tubes: people boarding a train without letting passengers get off.

We all hate it … when we’re all lined up strategically to board the train and someone at the front tries to slip past the hoard of people streaming out of the carriage. There’s always one person and it turns out nine in ten (90%) Londoners find that person to be annoying, with 61% finding them very annoying.

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All those people who just stand aimlessly around the doors and don’t move for people to get off? Yeah, that’s narked us all off too with a similar 90% of us seeing red and placing this as the second most annoying thing on the tube. People trying to push ahead whilst getting on the train annoys 88% of us, with 55% of us feeling very annoyed by this behaviour.


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Other data collected from the survey reveals that women and older passengers are more likely to get annoyed at these scenarios than our male counterparts. The top bugbear for females was that awful act of manspreading and being stared at. Well, you know, take a picture and all that.

The most hated tube lines were the Central and Northern lines with the Jubilee line coming out as the most pleasant, with 51% saying they liked the line and only 6% disagreeing. You can find all the results to the survey here.

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