11 Crackling Photos From London’s Epic Thunderstorm

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

London lightning photos

Rollicking thunderstorms lit up London’s skies this weekend.

Although we were blessed with warm and mostly-sunny days, as evening fell over the city, so towering storm clouds rumbled overhead.

London experienced thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday nights, with further storms expected this week.

It was quite the display.

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And naturally, London’s best Instagrammers were out to capture the action.

From the O2 in the east…

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To Wembley in the west…

Nowhere was immune from a bolt from above.

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Fortunately, London emerged from the drama unscathed.

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But with a bunch of neat photos to show for it.

Keep your eye out for more drama…

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…and try this neat tool to track live lightning strikes near you.

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(But I’d be careful going out with an umbrella if I was you!)

Throwback: when London’s sky glowed weirdly orange, in pictures.

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