Londoners Are Going To Get Absolutely Soaked On Thursday, Hooray!

The Met Office have released a weather warning for tomorrow afternoon, because there’s another mighty storm a’brewin’!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, parts of London got over a month’s worth of rain in the space of an hour, which is absolutely ludicrous. But it’s not done with us yet.

? by @sondaj85

Thunder and lightning and lots and lots of rain is forecast for Thursday and Friday, with a particular warning in place for Thursday afternoon. We’ve been told to prepare for flooding and disruption, so, if you want a bit of friendly advice, don’t do what a colleague of mine did on Tuesday and turn up to work in a short, summer dress and sandals ? (We admired her optimism.)

Be more like this guy – he’s got his shit together.

? by @sirkevinthechow

I don’t know about you but, on Tuesday, I heard THE LOUDEST THUNDER I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. The whole of Secret London HQ catapulted so far out of their seats that it was worthy of NASA’s attention. But we all secretly kind of love it, really. (Until it’s 3pm and you still haven’t had any lunch because you’re waiting for it to “settle” before nipping to Pret.)

The good news is, there is sunnier weather forecast for the weekend. So, don’t lose all hope – brighter days are coming!

? by @thecitystorylondon

⚡️Take a look at these seriously impressive photos from London’s crazy thunderstorms.⚡️

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