London To Have 7 New ‘Tower Bridge-style’ Crossings And Floating Homes

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


We never thought we’d find bridges so exciting. Last year the controversy over the extortionately priced Garden Bridge got everybody talking and now, there’s just no stopping the big boys from building bridges. Not one but SEVEN new bridges might be built if architect Sir Terry Farrell gets his way and there’s even been talk of floating homes, giving way to whole new neighbourhoods in east London…


According to Terry Farrell, the floating accommodation could provide up to 47,000 new homes within a mile and a quarter of the Thamesmead/Barking bridge, which would be pretty fab (if a little dizzying). The bridges themselves would be modern versions of Tower Bridge, and would fill in the gap between this iconic symbol of London and the not-so-hot Dartford Crossing.

The controversial Garden Bridge looks to be going ahead…

As it stands, there are currently 34 bridges across the River Thames in Greater London. The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge at the Dartford Crossing sits some 20 miles down the river from Tower Bridge as the only bridge on the eastern side of it. Proposals to build other bridges between these two to ease the flow of traffic have been floated since the Seventies and just before Christmas, Boris Johnson called for 13 new bridges to be built.

Terry Farrells’ low level bridge looks pretty fly

It really is the Battle of the Bridges… We told you things were getting dramatic. But what do you think? Which proposal do you prefer?

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