This London Pub Is Charging A Stonking £13.40 For A Pint

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This London Pub Is Charging A Stonking £13.40 For A Pint

We all know that London is expensive; we spend most of our days whinging and whining about it. But we’ve only just stopped tutting when we’re asked to pay £5 for a pint (and even that took a good few years to overcome).

Just to fuel the stereotype, The Rake in Borough Market is selling pints of Cloudwater’s North West Double IPA for £13.40. To put it into perspective, that’s about 3 times the price of the average London brew. The justification being that it’s a “smashing pint”.

It has caused a bit of a storm on Twitter, with one user claiming that “£7 quid is a very expensive pint of beer. £13.40 is bonkers, stark, raving, bonkers”. He is not wrong.

We’ll probably just avoid it and stick to our ordinary, not-so-smashing lager, but it’s always amusing to comment on the moments when London goes “ha, you already thought I was expensive, but TAKE THAT”.


? In keeping with the ‘London is expensive’ theme, Selfridges have launched a £99 ice cream cone?


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