London Is No Longer The Most Expensive Place In The UK To Get A Pint

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The capital is no longer the priciest place in the UK to get a pint of beer and we couldn’t be happier.

We’ve had to grin and beer it for a while now – all those friends who visit London and moan at how much a pint is, asking just why does it cost more than a fiver and then eventually settling on the fact that we should have all just gotten a six-pack to take back home instead.

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Well now all those purse pinchers should make their way over to Surrey instead and cry into their overpriced pint. Yes that’s right, Surrey has overtaken London as the most expensive place in the UK to get a pint of beer.

The results were revealed in the Good Pub Guide’s 2018 Edition and have shown that a pint in Surrey costs a whopping 20p more than in the capital.

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The UK average cost of a pint is £3.60, with the cheapest places to get a pint being Herefordshire and Yorkshire which both come in at £3.31 (we need to move to a happy place like this). London’s average is £4.20, which places it alongside Surrey in the guide’s “ripoff” category. Oh what it means to live in our capital, eh?

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