London Has Been Named The Least Neighbourly Place To Live In The UK

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A recent study by social network Nextdoor has revealed that the capital is not a fan of being neighbourly.

Sure, perhaps there was a time when people actually spoke to their neighbours, asked politely for some extra sugar, or brought over a pint of milk. But in 2017, it’s mostly awkward interactions, not knowing the new tenants upstairs, or avoiding them like the plague after those rowdy pre-drinks last Saturday.

Well, London’s lack of enthusiasm for becoming bezzies with Brian from across the road has finally been quantified. Nextdoor is a social media platform that’s (coincidentally enough) trying to get neighbours to connect and you know, be friendly to one another.

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They found that 68% of Londoners said they don’t know their neighbour well (or at all) and 64% claim they wouldn’t want a parcel left with their neighbours. 16% of people surveyed didn’t even know their neighbours names.

Wales, Yorkshire and the West Midlands were found to be the most neighbourly areas of the country, so maybe we should get some northern soul in our lives. Nextdoor founder Max Chambers stated that this ‘reveals the UK is in danger of sleepwalking towards the slow death of our neighbourhoods.’ Sounds pretty bleak, Max!

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