London Has Been Named The Best Destination In Europe

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London Has Been Named The Best Destination In Europe

Mwahahahahaha! This is why we never leave. Not because we can’t afford the Eurostar, but because London is lit, it’s blinding, it’s the bees knees, it’s mint, it’s a total and utter glorious cuppa’ tea. Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Destination Awards has officially named London the best destination in Europe (and second best destination in the world). Duh. The top rating came after analysis of millions of visitor reviews of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. So, what makes London so bloody brilliant?


Our naughty buildings?


Or equally dirty waters?



Our witty fools?

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Or foolish wits?



Our hipster coffee shops?


Or greasy spoons?

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Our pretty pubs?



Or pretty vicious pigeons?

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Harry Potter?

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Or Her Majesty the Queen?

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There’s so much London has to offer, we are not surprised, nor are we outwardly too enthusiastic about this award. But that’s just how we are. Cheers, Tripadvisor. 


TripAdvisor’s 10 best-rated destinations in Europe:

1.    London, UK

2.    Paris, France

3.    Rome, Italy

4.    Crete, Greece

5.    Barcelona, Spain

6.    Prague, Czech Republic

7.    Istanbul, Turkey

8.    St. Petersburg, Russia

9.    Lisbon, Portugal

10. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


(Feature Image: Pablo Fernandez via flickr)

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