London Is Home To The Highest Number Of Multimillionaires In The World

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London Is Home To The Highest Number Of Multimillionaires In The World

It’s official: London has more multimillionaire residents than any other city in the world. (Is anyone else not that surprised by this?)

According to analysis from global rich-person tracker Wealth Insight, we’re up 3.4% from last year and we’ve knocked Tokyo off the top spot. A grand total of 4,549 multimillionaires are currently swanning around London in their lavish supercars. Lucky us, I guess?

Brompton Square, London
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And when we say multimillionaire we really mean it. Londoners with a couple of million in the bank no longer cut the mustard, because a multimillionaire is apparently defined as a resident with a net asset value of at least $30 million. Oh, and that excludes the value of their first home. Ka-ching.

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We wonder if any of the 149 new multimillionaire residents who arrived in London in this year needed someone to show them around the city? Just drop us an email!

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