A London Fish And Chip Shop Is Serving Deep-Fried Mince Pies!

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If you feel a twinge of guilt after your 3rd mince pie, you can rest assured it wasn’t as naughty as these bad boys. Sutton and Sons, the London fish and chip shop that will batter just about anything, are serving up your favourite festive treats this season, covered in a gorgeous layer of crispy golden batter. YES. As if mince pies couldn’t get any more delicious, someone’s gone and bloody battered them.

Cor come on then Sunday. Give us a battered mince pie.

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But the battering doesn’t end there. For yet another year, the chippy is also serving up brussels sprouts to cabbage-loving Londoners. (There you go – a fact. Brussels sprouts are part of the Gemmifera group of cabbages.) The dear sprout, the seasonal veg that has divided children from their parents in the very real struggle to ‘eat at least one before you can have your second Yorkshire pudding’, has always been an unlikely healthy addition – a misfit, perhaps – amongst the festive line-up of naughty food. Thankfully, Sutton and Sons are fixing all that, by covering it in batter. Now, it too can join its Christmas food friends in the battle to make us all rounder. Merrrrry Christmas!

Tis’ the season for battered sprouts, fa la la la laaaa

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Sutton and Sons are located in Hackney Central, Islington and Stoke Newington.

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