A London Fish And Chip Shop Is Serving Deep-Fried Mince Pies

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A London Fish And Chip Shop Is Serving Deep-Fried Mince Pies

Deep-fried mince pies: the epitome of Christmas indulgence!

If you feel a twinge of guilt after your 3rd mince pie, you can rest assured it wasn’t half as naughty as these bad boys. Sutton and Sons, the London fish and chip shop that will batter just about anything, are serving up your favourite festive treats this season, covered in a gorgeous layer of crispy golden batter. As if mince pies couldn’t get any more delicious, someone’s gone and bloody battered them.

Mince pies
Photo: @suttonandsons

It is quite simply the festive treat to end all festive treats, especially with a hearty dollop of brandy butter – and Sutton and Sons certainly have precedent in barmy battering. They can also batter you up Mars bars and Snickers for those with a sweet tooth, and have even taken up the strange and mysterious art of battering sprouts. Often regarded as the misfit on one’s Christmas dinner plate, Sutton and Sons’ offering elevates the humble sprout to levels of ecstasy only previously afforded to Yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets.

It’s simply smashing news for anyone with a love of mince pies or an aversion to sprouts – but I can’t help but think we’re all going to get a lot rounder this Christmas, aren’t we?

You can find branches of Sutton and Sons in Hackney, Islington, and Stoke Newington – see them all here.

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