London Is The Most Dynamic City In Europe According To This Study

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Savills Investment Management has identified London as the most dynamic city in the world.

The Dynamic Cities Index highlights European cities with strong economic growth, wealth trends, population and technology. You know, all those adult things.

As part of the study, they’ve organised everything into six categories including Innovation, Inspiration, Inclusion, Interconnection, Investment and Infrastructure. That’s a lot of words beginning with I …

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Using 60 indicators across these six categories, the people at Savills have ranked accordingly. Lo and behold, our good ole city of London topped the list with a near-perfect 98/100 score.

Dynamic Cities Index

But really, is it much of a surprise? With enough creativity and innovation to make our capital burst at the seams, it’s really no contest. *smug face*

[Rob Bye]
[Rob Bye]
Our rent prices may bring a tear to our eyes and we may be living in our overdraft 90% of the time we’re here, but there’s no denying that London is amazing. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly, because who doesn’t love a cheeky punt?) Cambridge came out thirrd in the list too.

The other cities that made it to the top five include Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. Edinburgh also made it to the top tep list, so that’s an impressive three spots that the UK managed to nab.

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