Eat And Drink Your Way Around London Dungeon At Their Adults-Only Event

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Taste the deadly delights of the seven deadly sins at The London Dungeon’s newest after-hours event.

Late night sessions at London attractions are proving to be very popular this summer and we can totally see why. It’s miraculous just how much a visit to the London Aquarium can be improved with the addition of alcohol and a blanket ban on ankle-biters. Well, The London Dungeon has had the same idea, but this time they’re taking things one (seriously cool) step further.


They’re offering us lucky over-18s – yes, sometimes age can be an advantage – a chance to experience The London Dungeon alongside a positively sinful selection of food and drink. The menu is themed around the seven deadly sins and will be offered to daring guests during the course of your interactive live-action experience.


Just a quick read through their tasting menu will leave you powerless to resist temptation:

Envy: Pea and mint soup served with a bitter, twisted Midori sour cocktail.
Wrath: Extra hot jerk chicken or vegetables on ‘Voodoo’ skewers.
Pride: A Pride of Britain pie stack (steak and ale or vegetable fillings) served with Mrs. Lovett’s ‘extra kick’ syringe shots.
Lust: Aphrodisiacs salad – a ménage à trois of prawns, strawberries and avocado served in an oyster shell with a Prosecco pastille.
Greed: Gold-leaf Goldschläger shots served with bags of gold coins.
Gluttony: Sausages served with wholegrain mustard mash, crispy onions and gravy served with a ‘Cockney cocktail’.
Sloth: Doughnuts to take away, oozing with raspberry jam and a peanut butter glaze.


You’ll meet a number of rather unsavoury characters on your journey through London’s gruesome past. Barter with saucy street sellers, face the wrath of the torturer and plead your innocence before a corrupt judge. They’ll have a chance to regroup following their chilling experience in the Dungeon Tavern, an authentic Victorian pub experience. Oh and there’ll be themed dress-up accessories, naturally.

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This event is only running for two nights from 8pm to 10.30pm on the 16th and 30th June so, if you’re itching for a good scare, you better be quick to book. You can purchase tickets for this deliciously deadly event here. The London Dungeons are located at County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, SE1 7PB. Nearest tube: Waterloo.

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