London Is Now Only The 30th Most Expensive City In The World

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London cost of living 2018

London is (apparently) not all that pricey in 2018, according to the latest research from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In their annual ‘Cost of Living’ survey, the EIU monitor the price of 150 different goods in 133 cities around the world. And this year, London reached the lowest point in the chart in 20 years, dropping to 30th position.

That makes living in London more affordable than the wallet-worrying top ten…

The most expensive cities to live in 2018

  1. Singapore ??
  2. Paris, France ??
  3. Zurich, Switzerland ??
  4. Hong Kong ??
  5. Oslo, Norway ??
  6. Geneva, Switzerland ??
  7. Seoul, South Korea ??
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark ??
  9. Tel Aviv, Israel ??
  10. Sydney, Australia ??

It’s also cheaper, apparently, to live in London than New York (13), Los Angeles (14), and Dublin (19).

Singapore cost of living 2018
Singapore: officially the most expensive city in the world

However, the full benefits of London’s increased ‘affordability’ might just pass you by. The assessed price of local goods is heavily influenced by currency fluctuations, and with a weak pound, that makes London living seem much cheaper. But while the EIU’s high-flying readers might find their Euro investment income goes further on their trips to the UK, if you’re getting paid in pounds, you probably won’t feel much of a difference – although rents are starting to get a little cheaper.


If you want to see the full league table, the full report is, ironically, $995. Now that’s what I call a cost of living increase.

Broke anyway? Here are 100+ free things to do in London.

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