London Commuter Travels In A Cleaning Cupboard For £6000 A Year

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London Commuter Travels In A Cleaning Cupboard For £6000 A Year

Yep, you read that right. An anonymous city worker, who spends over £6000 a year on a rail season ticket, is forced to sit in a tiny cleaning cupboard due to overcrowding. Mops and all. The commuter has been travelling to London’s Liverpool Street station from Ipswich five days a week for more than 17 years but claims he finds it impossible to find a seat on his way home. Every. Single. Night. Instead, he heads straight for the staff compartment, setting up camp just inches away from a couple of wet mops and a bucket. Talk about travelling in style.

[Evening Standard]
He has become such a regular fixture in the staff compartment that employees working on the 6.30pm train often stop to speak with him. Yet despite its cosy appearance, the worker stated, ‘I found this little spot some time ago and I use it quite often. No one seems to mind but it isn’t great.’

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer, who has been attempting to improve rail services, said: “This picture shows exactly why we need to see hundreds of millions of pounds invested in new rolling stock and new track.It is not right that people who pay a large amount for season tickets should feel the need to sit somewhere like this.”

We wonder where else people perch….keep your eyes peeled!

Featured Image Credit: Standard

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