A London Café Has Banned Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson And Michael Gove

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham


In the words of musical muse Justin Timberlake, “what goes around comes around”. And, in true Future Sex/Love Sounds style, a café in Notting Hill has banned a number of the Brexit campaign’s leading figures, including Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. They wanted to leave the EU, and now, thanks to the ‘Do Not Serve’ poster that has since gone viral, they’ll have to leave this bold caff (which is apparently “just up from where Gove lives”) EMPTY STOMACHED!


The poster reads: “These people have harmed our business, one more meal or sale will not be worse than what they’ve done. These people have hurt our employees and our friends, and we will not make them share the same space with them.” And, declaring them to be “persona non grata (sic) in this city” it finishes with: “These people seek to harm our city, they should be denied its comforts. United against Brexit. United against the causes of Brexit.”

Also on the list is Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre and Sarah Vine, Daily Mail columnist and Michael Gove’s wife. Naturally, reactions to the poster have been mixed…and while we are not commenting on this, we are wondering one very important thing…where the hell are they going to get their gluten free cake/smashed avo on toast fix now?

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