London Buses Are Now Powered By Coffee And We Can Totally Relate

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London’s red buses have just turned a little greener.

As of last week, London buses are now powered by a special biofuel mix designed by Bio-Bean, a British start-up in partnership with Shell. The fuel is much greener than the previous stuff and is made up of 80% ordinary diesel and 20% oil from old coffee grounds.

So that means our famous red buses now run on coffee, just like us.

© bio-bean limited.

The coffee grounds come from cafés and restaurants around the city, including big name brands like Costa and Caffe Nero. They are then taken to a factory in Cambridgeshire, so the oil can be extracted and mixed with diesel. It’s a simple way for coffee shops to ditch their waste for free, and for London to reduce its shocking CO2 levels. Win-win.

© bio-bean limited.

Bio-Bean reckon that these new coffee-fuelled buses will cause carbon emissions to drop by about 15%. So, much like many Londoners, buses are better with a bit of coffee inside them. Amirite?


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Photo by Mariana Martin

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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