120 Ideas For Your 2020 London Bucket List

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

120 Ideas For Your 2020 London Bucket List

What will you do in the city this year? Get some inspirational ideas for things to do in London with our magical bucket list.

  1. Get a luxe diary to journal your adventures.
  2. Decorate with a London-y poster.
  3. Run a really long way.
  4. Go exploring in your own boat.
  5. Or in your own floating hot tub.
  6. Claim victory in an epic ping-pong tournament.
  7. Or at fancy darts.
  8. Or bowling.
  9. Or Mario Kart.
  10. Or crazy golf.
  11. Or ice karting.
  12. Or in a tiny car race.
  13. Take photos of somewhere fascinating.
  14. Get really good at it.
  15. Go for a fancy tea.
  16. Dip into a bottomless brunch.
  17. Swim outdoors.
  18. Race a pedalo.
  19. Party on a rooftop.

  1. Watch a film beneath the stars.
  2. See a band headline a London festival.
  3. Go for pretty little lattes.
  4. Sip a stylish G&T.
  5. Sleepover at a movie marathon.
  6. Have a slap-up roast.
  7. Go for a 4 am dinner.
  8. Check out the Sky Garden.
  9. Go bluebell spotting.
  10. Just dress up as a T-Rex for a day for no reason.
  11. Squeal over some piglets.
  12. Borrow a dog.
  13. Fuss a kitten.
  14. Cheer on a goat.
  15. Try eating some insects.
  16. Go vegan for a month.
  17. Curl up in a luxury cinema.
  18. Take a Boris Bike and head somewhere new.
PhotoL: Mike Rolls
Photo: Mike Rolls
  1. Watch the sunrise from Primrose Hill.
  2. Go kayaking along the Thames.
  3. Abseil off something tall.
  4. Chuck yourself down Europe’s highest slide.
  5. Defeat the Crystal Maze with your squad.
  6. Finally come to a decision on London’s best burger.
  7. Paint your own massive mug.
  8. Take on all-comers at a pub quiz.
  9. Get a radical new haircut.
  10. Get pampered at a spa.
  11. Go on a weekend away in the country.
  12. Drink some of London’s craziest cocktails.
  13. Catch a sleeper train to somewhere far away.
  14. Or the new Eurostar to Amsterdam.
  15. Or just have dinner on a train.
  16. Or a canal barge!
  17. Walk the Thames Path until your legs run out of steam.
  18. Or the Capital Ring…
  19. …or the London LOOP.


  1. Have a proper picnic with your pals.
  2. See a brilliant concert in London.
  3. Win a competition.
  4. Or just try and get a free Pret.
  5. Go glamping in the woods.
  6. Treat everyone at work to some doughnuts.
  7. Give away all the stuff you don’t need to charity.
  8. Then replace it with stuff you don’t need… from a charity shop.
  9. Join a choir and perform in public.
  10. Or just go sing some karaoke.
  11. Take a road trip in a cute camper van.
  12. Go climbing.
  13. Or ice climbing.
  14. Or rope walking!
  15. Walk through the treetops.
  16. Visit a museum or gallery you’ve never been to before.
  17. Ride in a speedboat.
  18. Or in a helicopter.
  19. Or in a tinyyyyyy underground train.
  20. Rub shoulders with the stars at a film festival premiere.
  21. Go for dinner in an igloo.

Tower Bridge Glass Floor

  1. Dare to walk on this glass floor.
  2. Go exploring in Richmond Park.
  3. Try and conquer an eating challenge.
  4. Learn how to swing.
  5. Go for milkshakes at a diner.
  6. Eat everything at your fave restaurant‘s menu over a year.
  7. Go somewhere with no sign.
  8. Find all seven noses in Soho.
  9. See some circus… in a pub.
  10. Put ‘it all’ on red in a game of roulette. (Can we suggest £10?)
  11. Spend a night at the cabaret.
  12. See a theatre show in the West End.
  13. Busk until you’ve made £10.
  14. Have a pint at one of London’s oldest pubs.
  15. Turn your hand to life-drawing.
  16. Make a one-second-a-day video of your year.
  17. Raise money for charity.
  18. Read 12 brilliant books from 2016.
  19. Take a week off social media. And the freaking NEWS.
  20. Actually go inside St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  21. Or the Hindu temple in Neasden.
Photo: Chris White
Photo: Chris White
  1. Make something marvellous at Drink Shop & Do.
  2. Binge a TV series on one gloriously lazy day.
  3. Play a public piano.
  4. Take a trip to the beach.
  5. Go on a date in a hidden bar.
  6. Get your new profile pic in a lavender field.
  7. Dare to travel… beyond Zone 4.
  8. Go on a fromage frenzy.
  9. Learn something new at a free lecture.
  10. Become a volunteer.
  11. Learn a new craft.
  12. Watch a stand-up comedy performance.
  13. Create your own funny marathon sign.
  14. Leap into a giant glowing ball pit.
  15. Go exploring at a market (and make a meal out of what you buy there!)
  16. Visit a museum or gallery late night event.
  17. Make your own terrarium.
  18. Buy someone a bunch of flowers from Columbia Road.
  19. Get together with your friends and rent a super-cool party house.
  20. Drink your own face with the selfie cappuccino.
  21. Clean up London’s canals from a canoe
  22. Wander round the National Portrait Gallery (before it closes for restoration works)

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