Just Some Photos Of London Looking Moody In Black And White

It’s official: Secret London has come down with a case of monochrome madness.

Whilst we’re a big fan of London’s colourful spots, the city looks rather dashing in black and white, and we’ve rounded up the pictures to prove it.

Black and white does wonders for London’s landmarks.

Photo: @kelly4nia

Looks like we’ve gone back in time – you know, apart from the fuck off massive skyscraper.

Photo: @rontimehin

Tower Bridge aims for a mysterious vibe.

Photo: @rontimehin

Meanwhile, Big Ben just refuses to pose for the photo.

Photo: @andulinna_insta

Not a problem that Westminster Abbey has, however.

Photo: @bwphoto_lad

What can we say, black and white makes for a whaley good photo.

Photo: @iamericanphotography

Although sometimes the beauty is just in the Eye of the beholder.

Photo: @theundergroundperson

St Pauls is out to prove it looks good in any light.

Photo: @monochrome_london_streets


Everyday life is just so bloody dramatic in monochrome.

Photo: @lomochro

Adds a little more intrigue to the commute, doesn’t it?

Photo: @rontimehin

Can’t tell if he’s an office worker, or film noir detective.

Photo: @monochrome_london_streets

Westminster actually looks calmer in black and white.

Photo: @missdelf

Coffee has never been so damn serious.

Photo: @ewawielgosz

Really, these pictures set a new benchmark.

If there’s one place that’s moodiest in black and white, it has to be the Tube.

Photos: @londonersunderground

Case in point: Baker Street.

Photo: @alan_schaller

To be honest, a trip on the Central line is enough to make anyone moody.

Photo: @alan_schaller

Although it’s a good time to practice your melancholic pose.

Photo: @lomochro

Warren Street on a rare quiet day.

Photo: @theundergroundperson

Things look different underground, although we don’t even want to know how The Underground Person got this picture.

Stay beautiful, London.

Photo: @london_enthusiast

Featured image: @alan_schaller