23 Reasons Why London Is The Best Place You Could Possibly Be Right Now

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23 Reasons Why London Is The Best Place You Could Possibly Be Right Now

We don’t need to tell you that London is the best place that you could possibly be right now, because of course you already know that. But just incase you need a reminder of all the reasons why…


1. First and foremost, we’ve got the Queen. And she’s fierce.

2. There are tons of green spaces for you to stroll around in and clear your head (should your head need clearing).

3. There are loads and loads of pubs.

4. And trendy bars.

5. Everyone in London is a raging alcoholic so you never feel too bad about boozing. 

6. Even if it’s 11am.

7. We have the night tube so your evenings don’t have to end before they’ve even begun. 

8. But if you’d rather stay sober, there’s plenty of things to do.

9. If sweating is your thang, there’s tons of great ways to exercise.

10. And there’s also a superb range of food from limitless worldy cuisines.

11. It’s impossible to get bored. (Seriously, we challenge you). 

12. There’s tons of culture.

13. We’ve got a cereal café for heaven’s sake.

15. The city is full of hidden gems.

16. And it will always surprise you.

17. The opportunities are endless…

18. For jobs, friendships, dates…

19. You can leave fairly easily. Short haul flights are relatively cheap, so it’s ideal if you want to travel around Europe.

20. There are lots of humans so, by default, you’re less likely to see this:

21. There’s always a high chance that you could end up staying at home during the week because the whole city descends into absolute chaos at every opportunity it gets. 2 centimetres of snow? Trains are f*cked. Tube strike? Just don’t even bother. (But remember, this is a positive thing).

22. And finally, London is the best city in the world.

23. Like, officially.


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