Channel Your Inner Katniss At This South London Archery School • ArcheryFit

Get to grips with a bow and arrow with an ArcheryFit lesson in London.

In these turbulent times, it can’t hurt to add a handy post-apocalypse skill to one’s repertoire. And that’s exactly what Deptford’s ArcheryFit offer, providing wannabe Hawkeyes with 90-minute lessons in the fine art of arching.

Taking place in their ultra-modern, custom-built range just a few minutes walk from Greenwich, they’ll walk newcomers through the theoreticals of thwacking a sharp bit of metal a considerable distance, before taking you onto the 20-person range to do your worst.

After hitting targets at six and twelve metres, with expert tuition as you go, you’ll graduate via the satisfying method of popping balloons from up to eighteen metres away. BANG.

Sure, your archery class might not get your heart rate into the red zone, but you’ll give your lats, triceps, quadriceps just enough to do that you can probably call it a workout. Perfect!

And if you really take to it, the fully-featured archery school offers all levels of courses and instruction, with professional-quality equipment, until you too can boast: ‘I am weirdly proficient with a deadly weapon.’ (And trust me, when we’re all trying to catch squirrels for our dinner, you’ll be the one laughing.)

Suitable for all ages, ArcheryFit could make a good family day out, a cute date, or a bit of a team-bonding experience for competitive types.

Location: Find ArcheryFit at Hatfield House, Merryweather Place, London, SE10 8EW. Nearest stations are Deptford Bridge, Greenwich. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: Open seven days a week, 10am – 10pm on weekdays, 10am – 6pm on the weekends.
Entry: tickets for a 90-minute professional starter lesson are £25, available here.
More information: visit the ArcheryFit website.


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