Liverpool Is The First City To Get Fast Walking Lanes And London Is Jealous

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Liverpool city centre has officially become the first place in Britain to get fast walking lanes…

…and suddenly the north is looking more and more appealing.  

After a survey carried out by Argos found that people really cannot stand slow walkers (did it really take a survey to discover that, Argos?), Liverpool clocked on and installed specific lanes for fast-paced pedestrians, meaning speedy Liverpudlians can whizz past crowds and avoid those nasty pavement hoggers.

Since us Londoners are constantly in a hurry, we’re green with envy. Although it’s all just a cheeky PR stunt from Argos, we think that such a project should be seriously considered. We’re this close to starting a petition. Sadiq Khan, make it happen, dude.

🚶 These fast walking lanes will be more than necessary if the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street goes ahead 🚶

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

Georgie is Deputy Editor at Secret London. She loves a trendy café and is all too familiar with the extortionate price of a coffee in the capital. She enjoys the finer things in life (like red wine on a school night and eating Ben and Jerry's straight from the tub) and hasn't quite grasped the concept of adulthood yet.