Listen To The Sound Of The Underground With This Interactive Tube Map

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

Listen To The Sound Of The Underground With This Interactive Tube Map

There have been a lot of alternative London tube maps floating about the internet, including a visual representation of London rent prices and a guide to the best nightlife along the night tube route. But never before has anybody created an audio version of the iconic map… until now. Cities and Memory, an international sound project, have recorded the sounds that you hear at 55 tube, DLR and Overground stations in order to create ‘The Next Station” — an interactive map that lets you listen to the familiar hustle and bustle of the busy commute (because why wouldn’t we want to be reminded of something we’re all so fond of?).

The sounds were collected in collaboration with the London Sound Survey over a period of three months. You’ll recognise the clattering of the trains, the voice we’ve heard a gazillion times telling us to mind the gap, and the cheery man shouting about the “Staaaandard”! You could literally spend hours perusing the map, listening to the buzz of Londoners making their way around the city. As well as the original unedited recordings, you can also hear remixed and reimagined versions created by musicians and sound artists from all over London and beyond. We particularly like the dubstep remix of Old Street….

Explore the map here.


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