A competition has just opened which gives you the opportunity to win a nights stay in one of the most peerless of pods on the iconic London Eye. And it won’t just be a boring old regular capsule, for one night only you will enter a specially furnished luxury cabin complete with a secret rooftop garden to accompany the 360 degree views. And it’s rainforest themed. (Fitting, since it will probably rain #London).

[Alessandro Grussu via Flickr]
In nearly 20 years since its first rotation in the year 2000, this will be the first time anyone has ever slept overnight in this majestic Ferris Wheel. So, you will not only be winning a nights stay, but you’ll also be making history.

london eye

The prize also includes a three nights stay in a Marylebone rental, so you can spend a few days exploring the city you slept above. The rental is also a pretty sweet win; a modern 3-bed home with floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass ceiling (no, not that kind).

london eye

Plus, the curated decor of geometric area rugs, marble accents, a wall-mounted bike (say, what?) really sets the trip-of-a-lifetime tone.

london eye

The competition has been set up by TripAdvisor and Wayfair and you can enter here. The winner is selected on 20th March, so you’d better start choosing who you want to take as your guest.

And, er, also… the walls won’t be see-through, right?


Feature Image: Alessandro Grussu via Flickr

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