LEGO Have Recreated 5 Years Of John Lewis Christmas Adverts!

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LEGO Have Recreated 5 Years Of John Lewis Christmas Adverts!

To celebrate the launch of their new Christmas advert, Buster the Boxer, John Lewis have paired up with LEGO to recreate five years of their crowd-pleasing ads. The scenes are on display at their Oxford Street store, so go and see them for yourself! Oh and just to freak you out a bit… The Long Wait (the one where the little boy is excited to give his presents) is not in this list. That means it was longer that 5 years ago, which means we’re all ridiculously old and time is moving ridiculously quickly. We. Cannot. Cope.


1. 2016 — Buster the Boxer

[John Lewis]
Their 2016 ad follows the story of a girl called Bridget who loves to bounce. She wakes up on Christmas morning to discover that she’s not the only one! Watch it here.


2. 2015 — Man on the Moon

[John Lewis]
2015 saw the beautiful story of a girl called Lily who didn’t want the man on the moon to feel alone at Christmas. Watch it here.


3. 2014 — Monty the Penguin

[John Lewis]
2014 was the year that Monty stole our hearts. Watch it here.


4. 2013 — The Bear and the Hare

[John Lewis]
2013 followed the story of two pals, the bear and the hare. This recreation used the most bricks of the lot! Watch it here.


5. 2012 — The Journey

[John Lewis]
This one was a real tear-jerker! We all watched in wonder as Mr Snowman went on an epic journey to get his Mrs some Winter accessories. Watch it here.


Find them at John Lewis, 300 Oxford St, Marylebone, W1C 1DX

[Feature Image: John Lewis]

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