Learn The Art Of The Hustle At ‘The Grift’

An immersive experience for London’s hopeful hustlers is coming to London in January.

The two-hour experience called ‘The Grift’ will be set within Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel – perhaps known best to Londoners as the home of the brilliant Corner Room restaurant and its dangling lamps:

Describing itself as ‘part theatre experience, part game’, each performance of The Grift will train 50 audience members in the subtle art of the hustle, introducing them to such cons as ‘The Pig In The Poke, The Round-The-Corner and The Money Swap.’ It all leads to one final, daring act of deceit and double-bluff, as the audience work together to swindle ‘a renowned criminal mastermind.’

You’ll have a free cocktail to enjoy during the show, and you can also book a meal at the Corner Room as part of the entire experience.

The Grift, created by writer Tom Salamon (who was also behind The Accomplice and Goosebumps Alive) has already run the long con in the jazzy surroundings of San Diego’s LaFayette Hotel…

Here in London, they’ll be performing nine shows a week from January 23 to March 25, with tickets from £32. And frankly, as it seems like thousands of other Londoners will soon be newly-skilled in scamming, you’d better get along to ‘The Grift’ too – so you know what to watch out for.

Find out more and get tickets on their website.