A Real Life Leaky Cauldron Pub Could Be Coming To London

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Self-pouring pints, floating candles, moving pictures and light-altering wands could all become a reality next year in London.

Passionate entrepreneur Matthew Cortland is hoping to open The Cauldron (note, not ‘Leaky’, presumably due to Harry Potter copyright issues – we see what you’re doing Mr Cortland, and we salute you!) by March 2018 with the help of a Kickstarter campaign to raise £500k worth of funds.

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He’s hoping to use technology to create an interactive, magical boozer to keep you Potter-deprived fans happy. You can learn more about his elaborate pub plans here:

The food on offer is, of course, a selection of authentic English pub fare, so it could turn out to be the perfect place for a traditional Sunday Roast and a pint. This will come as quite a relief to some diehard Potterheads, because the pale American imitation of our great British pub grub tradition in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida is painful to behold:

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The pleasure of consuming this underwhelming meal will set you back a whopping $25 (around £19.30). And we thought London prices were bad! Cortland is hoping to bring magical authenticity and quality to London – aka the actual home of Diagon Alley. We need this to happen, people. Ok, ‘need’ is a relative concept, but honestly, how is this not already a thing?

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Cortland is also proposing a fresh take on the wizarding drinks menu. You’ll be able to sample Liquid Luck (made with bourbon, gold leaf and honey syrup), and Liquified Bogies (a deep purple cocktail made with beetroot juice, ginger liqueur, lemon juice and scotch. No actual bogies, we promise). There’ll also – hopefully – be a fun new way to consume beer (as if we needed one) because Cortland is promising that all of their beers and ales ‘will be poured using a magic wand’. Accio hangover!

Floating Candle Harry Potter Magic

You can sign up for updates on the crowdfunding launch for The Cauldron here. We’ve definitely got high hopes for this particular pub, it might even become your new local.

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